Body Well

This Summer, we are offering a super special Body Well Mini Session! 8 classes over 5 weeks. We know #momlife gets crazy in the Summer and we are here to help keep you motivated with your workouts and accountable to your nutrition and mental wellbeing. This is a perfect opportunity to check out what our Body Well program is all about at a lower price point!

We designed a program for moms looking to get back into a workout routine. Whether she can make time for herself when her kids are at camp, or after work when she has childcare, or whether she’s worked out for the past few years or hasn’t worked out in a few years...Body Well is the perfect place to start, no matter your season of motherhood.

Our Body Well program is about the journey -- about taking 8 weeks just for you, one day at a time -- for your body and soul. In this 8-week program, you will join our mamahood sisterhood; a community full of support, encouragement, and TLC. Beyond the workout portion of this program, you will also gain access to educational resources that will teach you how to manage stress (amongst the craziness of mom-life), sleep better so you feel well-rested (even with lack of sleep), and nourish your body with nutrient-dense, whole-foods and simple ingredients (with a full nutrition and recipe guide).

Body Well is perfect for any mom who wants to reach her full physical potential and is willing to reach out of her comfort zone. Very often, Body Well is the first time in a long time that she has focused on her own health and well-being. Most moms find they achieve greater health and fitness levels than they have ever experienced through our program.

As with all FIT4MOM programs, a wide variety of moms could benefit from the Body Well program. Body Well is the perfect program for any mom who is:

  • Interested in changing her behaviors into sustainable wellness habits,
  • Looking for a challenging, HIIT & full-body workout,
  • Cleared for exercise by a physician with few (if any) limitations.
These classes are for moms only. If a pregnant or newly postpartum mom has been cleared by her doctor for high-intensity exercise, she can participate in the Body Boost workout with properly advised exercise modifications. However, Body Well is not recommended for pregnant or newly postpartum clients. This 8-week program places heavy emphasis on physical assessment and changing wellness habits, while the focus of the earliest stages of motherhood should be overall strength and well-being. Therefor, Body Well participants should wait until mom's physical and mental attention can once again be prioritized to herself. Body Well & Body Boost are not appropriate for moms with injuries or contraindications that would prevent them from exercising at a high intensity; however we would be thrilled to help you find a program that will work for you.

Body Well includes:
  • Twice weekly small group HIIT workouts - you choose in person or virtual! (All workouts recorded!)
  • Client guide with updated nutritional guidelines (clean, real food, no buying supplements!) PLUS seasonal recipes in a handy app!
  • Body Well journal which includes SMART goal setting, assessment tracking, weekly reflections, weekly habit tracker and final reflections
  • Private Facebook group with daily tips, ideas and accountability
  • Weekly emails and challenges, plus check-ins with your coach
  • PLUS included for the 5 weeks is access to ALL our live virtual workouts and ALL recordings in our Digital Library (200+ workouts!)

Our Body Well program's 2 live classes per week are Monday + Wednesday 7:00 - 8:00 PM. Classes are being offered BOTH in person and virtually. Our in person classes will be held at Reedwood Friends Church (2901 SE Steele St), private parking lot with access to nice restrooms. All classes will be live streamed via Zoom so you can join us from home. All workouts are recorded so you can still participate if you miss a live class or the live class times don't line up with your schedule. In the event of inclement weather we will hold class virtually.

  • 5-week Body Well Mini Session is $159!!!
  • The full 8-week Body Well Transformation session is $349

Summer Mini Session Dates: Monday July 26th through August 28th
M/W 7:00 - 8:00 PM class (no class Wed 8/4 and Mon 8/23) The price of the Mini Session reflects the number of live classes being offered.

Welcome email with all the details regarding Zoom links, orientation meeting, client resources, and more will be sent after enrollment.

Enroll for our Summer 5-Week Body Well Mini Session HERE

Want to check out a workout first? We would love to have you join us for our OPEN HOUSES! (There will be a special discount for all who attend an Open House!)

  • Wednesday July 21st 7:00 - 8:00 PM enroll HERE

Monday – July 26, 2021

Body Well

Wednesday – July 28, 2021

Body Well