Grow a Baby, Gain a Village!

FIT4BABY is a total body workout designed exclusively for moms-to-be. You can begin Fit4Baby at any point in pregnancy. This 60-minute workout includes cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training and abides by ACOG (Amercian College of OB/GYNs) guidelines for prenatal fitness. Unlike prenatal yoga and Pilates, we incorporate a cardio component as well as use resistance, strength and bodyweight training to help prepare you for delivery, recovery, and motherhood. Our goal is that you will have all the elements needed to have a successful birth: muscles to help in labor, cardiovascular endurance to help you during active labor, and muscles to help you function and heal swiftly after your delivery.
FIT4BABY is designed specifically for moms-to-be. All exercises are carefully selected to prepare your body for the many changes you will experience during pregnancy. You can begin FIT4BABY at any point during pregnancy as the workouts are scientifically-based, purposeful and designed to accommodate your changing body. The 60-minute workout includes cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training and ends with a relaxing meditation; everything you need during this precious time!

Our FIT4BABY course is 6 weeks of classes - you'll really get to know the other mamas-to-be in your session, forming connections and bonds that will last long after delivery.

There are options to join mid-session and your first class with us is always FREE! We would love to have you join us and check it out for yourself :-)

FIT4BABY is currently VIRTUAL! Our number one priority is the health and safety of our mamas. Our classes are still fun, interactive, and full of connections ... just from the comfort of your own home!

Please email Ruth at with any questions.

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