Adventurous Moms!

This month we want to honor ALL of our amazing adventurous FIT4MOM ladies. We have some great women in our group, who do some extraordinary things in their free time away from class. Check out our swimmers, runners, movers and a new mom!

First, I want to say how amazing you each are and how fabulous it is that you get yourself, your child and everything you need out the door and to class each time. We know how hard it can be sometimes to work out nap schedules and make things work, so we appreciate your effort and your dedication to your health!

Here we go…

First up is this dynamic sister team Lauren and Kathryn, they joined us for the Spring 2016 BB and this Fall they SWAM across the Columbia River in the Roy Webster Cross-Channel Swim. This is nothing short of amazing!


Next we have Gina Lorene, she originally joined us for SS but after getting a full-time job is watching out for our next Body Back session. Gina loaded up her kid, pets and family to move up from California. Anyone who has ever gone on a road trip with a kiddo knows just how big of a feat this is! Nice work lady!!

14643041_10211249868473180_130656111_n - Copy.jpg

Our humor loving, dancing and mom of the month Jessica Wille paddled her way up the Willamette to the Falls!


Angie Russo was featured as our last Mom of the MONTH so you may feel like you know her a bit more but did you know she also ran the REED College 5K?


Who doesn’t love a good 300 mile Relay race? While they’re part of our sister village of NW Portland Megan Caldwell and her team ran the amazing Hood To Coast Run.


When asked what wonderful adventures you took this year Sara-Ellen pointed out that one of the greatest adventures and most body taxing workouts you can get is giving birth. We have a few moms this Summer who took on that challenge! Congrats to Sara-Ellen, Rosalie Lingo and Emily Nourse!


Did you add a little color to your life? Our previous owner Trisha Highland, F4M SW owner Nikki Reynolds, Ceri Cundiff and our Erin Schrimer all participated in the fun Color Run!

14333650_10210424092742269_1600488367473785791_n - Copy.jpg

What amazing women, doing such adventurous things. Sometimes our adventures seems so small, just getting to the store or just making your way down the street but as moms, each step can be monumental when you haven’t slept or stress has overwhelmed you. It’s great to see these moms who can step out in the world and take on new and exciting adventures!! Please keep us updated on other adventures you’ve taken on! Share them on our page with pictures, we love to see what you’ve been up to. Even if it’s just making it out the door!