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FIT4MOM found me at the perfect time

FIT4MOM found me at the perfect time. My husband and I had just moved to the Portland area with our two year old daughter and a baby on the way. I was a stay at home mom in a new place and I didn't know anyone.

One morning my daughter and I were just having a really rough morning and I needed to get us out of the house. I didn't really know where to go so we just headed for the mall. I was so distracted by the morning’s tantrum and the thought that it would be hours before my husband would be home, that I didn't think to check what time the mall opens. We were there about 30 minutes early. I got a coffee from Starbucks and started doing laps with the other mall walkers.

I ended up walking behind two moms in workout clothes pushing their strollers and I was jealous. I wanted a mom friend to workout with. I ended up seeing them a little bit later at the mall play area and I decided to ask them if they were a part of a stroller group. I had heard of groups where mom’s workout with their kids but at eight months pregnant I figured I would wait until baby came to really look into it. They pointed out the instructor to me and I visited with her for a while. It turns out we are from the same tiny little town.

I went home and registered on the FIT4MOM website and the next week I went to my first class. It felt so meant to be to me. I had a need, and Stroller Strides filled it and then some! I lost my baby weight after my son was born, I made lots of mom friends, and it helped me get to know the parks and kid friendly places to go in the area.

Photo credit to Katie Leitzel Photography