Mom of the Month - Angie Russo

Getting to know the Moms in our village is the most rewarding aspect of leading Fit4Mom SE PDX. October’s Mom of the Month is Angie Russo. Angie joined Stroller Strides in April 2016 at the invitation of her friend Danielle and is now enrolled in a full Body Back session and plans to rejoin Friday morning SS classes soon.

It’s clear that family is tops for Angie. She describes motherhood as an opportunity to view life a second time through an untainted lens and see magic everywhere. She and her partner Aaron are raising one daughter, Juliet, whom Angie describes as “pure joy” and two dogs named Huckleberry and Bessie. She loves Martini night with Aaron, brunch dates with girlfriends, traveling (ask about Villa La Angostura), and watching the sunset at a family cabin in Lake Almanor. Oh, she also loves laughing until her sides hurt, of course!

This cheerful California native dreamed of being a diplomat as a child. Though not yet in the diplomatic corps, she is highly accomplished. Angie has a BA from Berkeley, a Master’s in Education and Juris Doctorate that she is putting to use training to be a Family Law Mediate and Collaborative Law Attorney. Don’t expect stone-faced legalese with this mom though, she vibrates positive energy and genuine kindness.

Angie is a runner. She says one of her proudest moments (since giving birth) was crossing the finish line of a half marathon as her family cheered. If you can keep up with her while running the stairs at Mt. Tabor Park, you’ll be impressed by this mom’s positivity and drive. She credits Fit4Moms helping her regain strength and providing her with an “incredible community of strong inspiring women”.

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