Mom of the Month Heather

Ms. Heather joined Stroller Strides in September with her daughter Emma. It took her a couple years to join us as North Carolina was a bit too hot and she also has her ‘crazy’ dog Tali to exercise as well! She found us through her friend who is an instructor in San Diego and finally was able to join. She says that, “Stroller Strides has been the first time she has successfully stuck with an exercise for a length of time.” She is excited to see the results in her level of fitness and enjoys when we back pedal and run up to tickle the babies!

Heather’s hometown is Wall, New Jersey, but this travelling girl has gone all the way to Italy and back. Her background is Early American History and Museum Education. She worked as a Museum educator/Program Manager for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African American History and Culture. With this passion for history you’ll find she struggles between living a minimalist life but also being an historian/preservationist. Heather mentions being at odds with these two parts of herself. Although she does remember a time when she wanted to be a spy but being self-described as “not cut out to be a spy”, and with her husband describing her as having compassion, motherhood sounds like a better direction than being a spy.

This mama has brought a joyful energy to our Village. Her enthusiasm for class is shown in her dedication and strength. It’s not surprising our instructor team voted her as mom of the month. She describes motherhood as “being a protector, a leader, a teacher, and a guide. It also means getting to eat all the potty training treats after they go to bed”. We’re loving that this charismatic mama loves organization, the beautiful countryside and some good old chocolate! Welcome Heather and thank you for your awesomeness!

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