Mom of the Month - Jennifer Watson

If there was a contest on the worlds sweetest smile, Jennifer Watson would be the winner. This mama radiates kindness. Miss Jennifer was raised in a small community south of Beavercreek called Clarks. Her family now consists of her husband Welo and their three lovely daughters, Natalie (10), Mirabelle (6) and Violet (1.5). If you feel like you have met Jennifer before, you may have! She started with Stroller Strides nine years ago with Natalie! They’ve made Stroller Strides a special part of their daily lives, enjoying the workout and most important the friendships they’ve made.

Before children Jennifer’s life included Portland State University where she studied Spanish and Elementary Education. Not surprising this patient mama also spent time as a Kindergarten teacher for a few years. She continues to love the beach, the snow and relaxing in a nice hot bath or hot tub.

Jennifer describes motherhood as “Everything. It’s the best (and sometimes the worst thing) ever. The hardest and most rewarding role in life”. I’m sure all of us can agree, that this job is one of the toughest roles out there! This mama is definitely doing it right, she describes her proudest moment as, when she is able to watch her girls being loving towards each other, and if you’ve ever been in class with them, I’m sure you’ve witnessed just what she is talking about. Jennifer's husband describers her as, “Beautiful, caring, determined, intelligent”. Love! If you haven’t had a chance to meet this inspiring mom, please do and if you get a chance, ask her about her time playing Snow White and any tips she has for keeping her car clean!

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