Mom of the Month - Jessica Wille

Jessica and her husband Paul are raising two daughters, Bella (4) and Aubrey (2). They are a

family that smiles together and smiles a lot. They share their home with four lively hens and one Flower Kitty. Jessica has checked a few items off her bucket list! She is an experienced Digital

Project Manager, a world traveller, professional belly dancer and former BreadHead of the Month.

To say this mama is well rounded is an understatement. Here is Jessica's humorous take on motherhood:

"Pick up, clean up, dishes, laundry, diapers, clean up again, turn around to find the first mess back again, rinse and repeat over and over with a BIG helping of love, various degrees of patience depending on the day, exhaustion, hilarity, more clean up, some tears, poop, always so much poop! Lots of laughs, cuddles, love and a sense of accomplishment."

For sure mama! Especially when you're in the potty training zone! When you have a chance to chat with Jessica, ask this spirited lady why TUCK JUMPS are her favorite and what her favorite shoes are!