Mom of the Month - Kate

Words are not enough to describe the love that this mom has for her little boy! She radiates awesomeness and we see it every time she comes to class!

Kate is a strong mom who we met in the begging of June when we had a Hike It Baby event after class. She really needed to get out of the house and reluctantly got herself there. It was raining and a bunch of moms were still headed out on a mini hike, she met us and decided to take a chance coming back to class for Stroller Strides. She’s been hooked since!! Kate says it helps her feel more confident in herself physically and as a mother, and made her feel more connected. Before starting Strides she didn’t know any other moms and felt very secluded.

Kate originally wanted to be a Veterinarian but when she realized that would include putting animals down it was quickly off the plate. This lady talks about her proudest moment as making the choice to put myself and my son first and to start fresh, work hard and make a better life for us both. This lady has a full plate with her little man, working part-time at Willamette Falls Pediatric Group, already has her BA and MS and is NOW perusing her PhD in research neuropsychology!

What really takes our breath away about this mama is how she describes Motherhood. In her words, “For me, when my son was born, it was like I was born into a new life. The past didn't matter anymore. What mattered now was making the best out of what we have, and being the best person and role model I can be, both for him, and for myself. It's about remembering that mistakes will happen and to learn what you can and move on. Nobody's perfect."

"I don't think I ever truly understood what love was until the moment I heard his cry and then touched his face and then held him for the first time. Motherhood is pure emotions; love, joy, sadness, fear, pain, and all the rest."

This mama is one in a million and we’re so lucky to have her in our Village and to be part of her family!