Mom of the Month - Michelle!

When a new mom walks into class for the first time and they have a Stroller Strides branded stroller and a Body Back tank top on, you know she’s already part of your Village. Michelle is humble about how amazing of a mom she is but if you ask any of our ladies in class, they rave about her! Michelle’s hometown is Bend, Oregon. She’s spent time living in other parts of the country and currently lives in East Multnomah county. Her family includes her husband Jacob and her five children Benjamin, Eliana, James, John and Ethan. The kiddos are all due to celebrate birthdays soon so they will soon be seven, five, three and one! Just like their mama, these littles come to class full of smiles and graciousness.

Michelle’s dedication to class is inspiring, she says it, “Literally keeps my sanity. I'm a happier and healthier mama because of SS. I get a great workout, the support of a great community, and play time for my kids all in one place.” She isn’t kidding either, just today she showed up to class and her stroller hadn’t been returned to the car. She tossed a kiddo on her back, found spots in other strollers for her other two kids and pushed herself hard in class. She doesn’t let hiccups get in the way of what she needs.

You would know after talking to her for just a few minutes just how important her family is to her. She told us that her proudest moment was the day the man of her dreams asked her to marry him. She’s always wanted to be a teacher and a mom. When asked what Motherhood means to you she said, "the privilege of raising and shaping the next generation". Mama, we’ve got to say you’re doing an amazing job! Thank you for being a part of our Village, we look forward to hearing more about your musical background!