Mom of the Month Sara-Ellen

Sara Ellen joined us three months ago when Erin handed her a welcome flyer on Mt. Tabor. Sara-Ellen was enjoying the day nursing Felix, she says it was “meant to be”. If you’re in class with her you’ll notice Sara-Ellen brings an energetic, sporty attitude and laid back style to the class. You’ve probably meet her handsome boys Ozzy and Felix, she also has her supportive husband Junior.

Sara has been certified to appraise real estate here in Portland, though as a child she dreamed of an adventurous life (think Indiana Jones with a camera). She has a degree in fine arts and has worked in galleries in her home state of North Carolina and in New York City. Ask her about studying abroad in Florence, Italy or what her favorite subject to paint might be.

Sara says motherhood is about hard work and love, two feelings that many of us can connect with. Her lively attitude is clearly inspiring, yet she acknowledges how difficult it was to stay positive, remain active and focus on your goals after a difficult pregnancy. “I had a huge goal to overcome, mentally and physically, but when I found your little village y'all made it easy! I feel so much stronger, physically and mentally.”

Thank you, Sara. We’re so glad you chose to share your passion and work ethic with FIT4MOM. In addition to raising well-mannered kids, loving life and taking care of the million things on a mom’s plate, we hope to keep doing skaters and curtsy lunges with you (we know they’re your favorite!). When warm weather comes back around we know a good place for margaritas fit for a debutant!

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