Stroller Strides FAQ's

What do I need for my first Stroller Strides?

  • Water
  • Mat or towel for abs/stretching
  • We'll have the resistance tubing for your first day
  • Strollers or a carrier to have kiddo in. When we're indoors almost any stroller will work. Outdoors we tend to go on paths that are stroller friendly but jogging strollers tend be be easier.

What if....baby cries/I'm late/I have to feed/explosive diapers/I haven't slept/I haven't brushed my teeth...

You're in good company! We are all moms who understand that life happens. You can stop and nurse, change diapers, whatever you need to do and continue on with class but please always remember that this is your hour, your workout. If you do need to leave class, just try again the next day. Every day is different and if you need help let someone in class know!

How soon after baby can I begin classes?

You can begin Stroller Strides classes as soon as you have your first postpartum appointment and are cleared for exercise. Listen to your body, easy and start by doing all of the low impact options that are always given.

Body Back you definitely need to be cleared by your doctor and recommend waiting six months.

What do I need to bring for my first Body Back class?

Most important is an open mind, positive attitude and grace.

  • Water
  • Mat or towel for abs/stretching
  • 8-10 lb. weights

Why Stroller Strides over the other programs out there?

Stroller Strides is the original stroller based fitness program and there's a reason we're the largest in the nation. With 15 years of experience we know how to cater to moms in all phases of life.

With Stroller Strides, you can attend several different locations, you're not committed to one park or gym. We offer classes all over Portland.

We also do not require any contracts, we know life gets crazy sometimes so our membership is always month-to-month with options to pause for vacations, births, etc.

Our certified instructors are moms too, we understand what you are going through and give lots of options for all levels of fitness. Possibly even more important, we know that you're happy if your little ones are happy so we weave songs, tickles and more fun into classes.

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