Mt. Tabor Park

All year, all weather class at Mt Tabor Park! Monday, Wednesday, Friday we meet in the grassy area across from the parking lot and Visitor's Center. In the event the area in front of the pavilion is occupied (summer camp or special events) we will meet at the back of the Visitor's Center parking lot, next to the actual Visitor's Center. Warm-up begins at 9:30 AM and we are visible from the parking lot for approximately 10 min. After that we travel about the park. If you're running late come anyways! #momlife If you don't see us please call Ruth at 503-250-0258 and we'll make sure we meet up.

Please note on Wednesday's the park is closed to cars (awesome for our workouts!) which means we park around 69th and Yamhill and walk up to our regular meeting spot. Think of it as extended warm-up ;-)

SE Salmon Way and, Southeast Park Drive, Portland, OR 97215

Sunday – February 25, 2024

Mt. Tabor Park

Tuesday – February 27, 2024

Mt. Tabor Park